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co-edited with Taylor Owen (University of Toronto Press, 2016)

  • The need for an ambitious and forward-looking Canadian international strategy has never been greater. In The World Won't Wait, some of Canada's brightest thinkers respond. Covering both classic foreign policy issues such as international security, human rights, and global institutions and emerging issues like internet governance, climate change, and sustainable development, their essays offer fresh and provocative responses to today's challenges and opportunities.

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    co-edited with Timothy D. Sisk (Routledge, 2009)

  • "Roland Paris and Timothy Sisk have compiled the essential guide to understanding the inherent contradictions that lie at the heart of the statebuilding enterprise. Drawing on a range of contemporary cases the volume's contributors expertly dissect the dilemmas raised by the challenges of coordination, security, political economy, institutional design, and autonomy. Students, analysts or practitioners looking to reflect on the process of statebuilding will find no better place to start their enquiry." --Paul D. Williams, George Washington University

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    co-edited with Edward Newman and Oliver Richmond (UNU/Brookings, 2009)

  • "A timely and extremely valuable book by a distinguished group of authors that critically examines the liberal premises of contemporary peacebuilding efforts through a combination of incisive thematic analysis and well-chosen case studies. A 'must read' for scholars and practitioners alike." --Richard Caplan, Oxford University

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    (Cambridge University Press, 2004)

  • Winner of the 2007 Grawemeyer Award for Ideas Improving World Order, the 2005 Chadwick F. Alger Award (International Studies Association) and the 2004 Eugene M. Kayden Award (University of Colorado)

  • "Few studies of peacekeeping and peacebuilding merit the description 'breakthrough.' This is one of them." --Michael Pugh, Director, University of Plymouth International Studies Centre, and Editor of the International Peacekeeping journal

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  • German edition: Wenn die Waffen schweigen: Friedenskonsolidierung nach innerstaatlichen Gewaltkonf likten (Hamburg Editions, 2007).

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  • Articles, Chapters, Working Papers

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    Special commendation, British International Studies Association-RIS Best Article Prize 2010.

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