Pierre Brochu ~ Department of Economics ~ University of Ottawa





Research Interest: Labour Economics, Applied Econometrics


Journal Articles:

  • Brochu, P., L.-P. Morin and J.-M. Billette (2014) Opting or Not Opting to Share Income Tax Information with the Census: Does it Affect Research Findings? Canadian Public Policy 40(1), 67-83. Details.
  • Brochu, P. and D.A. Green (2013) The Impact of Minimum Wages on Labour Market Transitions, Economic Journal 123(12), 1203-1235.  Details.
  • Brochu, P. (2013) The Sources of the New Canadian Job Stability Patterns, Canadian Journal of Economics 46(2), 412-440. (Short-listed for the Robert Mundell Prize). Details.
  • Brochu, P., C. Deri Armstrong, and L.-P. Morin (2012), The ‘Trendiness’ of Sleep Time: An Empirical Investigation into the Cyclical Nature of Sleep Time, Empirical Economics 43(2), 891-913. Details.
  • Brochu, P., and L.-P. Morin (2012), Union Membership and Perceived Job Insecurity: 30 Years of Evidence from the American General Social Survey, Industrial and Labor Relations Review 65(2), 263-285. Details.
  • Brochu, P. (2011), Estimating Labour Market Transitions using Repeated Cross Sectional Data, Economic Letters 111(1), 84-87. Details.
  • Brochu, P. and Lu Zhou (2009), Is Job Insecurity on the Rise? Evidence from Canadian Perception Data, Canadian Journal of Economics 42(4), 1305-1325. Details.


Book Chapter:

  • Brochu, P., P. Makdissi and L. Taohan, Le Québec champion canadien de la lutte contre la pauvreté?, in L'état du Québec 2011, ed. M. Fahmy. Montréal: Les Éditions du Boréal, 2011.






2013 – 2014 (Sabbatical)