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Resources for Students and Teachers of French as a Second Language

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Merci d'avoir visité ma page. J'espère que vous y avez trouvé des renseignements intéressants.

Gathered here are some WWW resources that I have discovered that I feel would be of interest to students and teachers of French as a second language. If you know of other ones you think should be added, and I am certain there are lots more out there, or if you wish to make suggestions for improving this page, please send me mail.

Make sure you visit the home page of my new textbook À Bon Port. This text for learning French as a second Language can best be described by these key-words: communication, Canadian, authentic, learner-centered. It was written by a team of professors at the Second Language Institute of the University of Ottawa and was published by Prentice Hall in 1997.

Alysse Weinberg
Official Languages and Bilingualim Institute
University of Ottawa

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