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Ficelle  (Fun Interactive Computer-Based Exercises for Language Learning) is a multimedia authoring tool designed to allow language teachers to create multimedia language lessons by use of a simple scripting language.  No programming skills are required by the lesson author.  With Ficelle a language teacher with basic computer skills can produce excellent multimedia language activities in any Latin-character-based language such as French, English,  German or Spanish.

A lesson represents a single text which may have pointers to sound and picture (.bmp) files.  Different menu screens, each another single text file, have browser-like links to other lesson files.  Formal language topic reviews or cultural clips are created using the same Ficelle language. By adding few simple Ficelle codes a text file activity may be enhanced to include the following features:

The program automatically provides generic feedback (which can be refined to reflect in-depth error analysis) and generates a scoresheet at the end of each exercise, tracking the number of items dealt with, the number of trials, correct and incorrect answers and print out.

For problems in making or formatting lessons you might e-mail either Hélène Knoerr or Alysse Weinberg to ask for suggestions.  Hélène and Alysse would also like to hear about any developments being made with the language for their own research.

Alysse Weinberg (weinberg@uottawa.ca)
HélèneKnoerr (hknoerr@uottawa.ca)

If you encounter any problems downloading or setting up Ficelle please e-mail me and I will try to help you through it.  This is an evaluation copy and should not be used for teaching purposes.  The licensed version does not have the untidy "Evaluation Copy" remark on the front page.  Write me for ordering information.  A single work-station version is $200 Canadian or about $140 U.S.  To use it in a networked environment the costs are as follows.
Licensed workstations Price in Canadian Dollars
Single workstation $ 200
3 to 5 workstations $ 600
6 to 10 workstations $ 1,100
11 to 15 workstations $ 1,500
16 to 25 workstations $ 2,250
more than 25 workstations $ 3,000

Michael Davidson (mcdavids@pipsc.ca)

How to download a Windows 95/98 version of Ficelle.

A full-featured Windows 3.11 version of Ficelle is available although we have not implemented a Windows 3.1 sample download at present.  Contact  Michael Davidson (mcdavids@pipsc.ca)  for more information.

Part 1 - download ficelle_dir.zip to setup the sample Ficelle activities and some required files.

ficelle_dir.zip - 4.5 MB Ficelle_zip is a zip file with the Ficelle sample activities and many files Ficelle needs to work properly.   Extract this zip file into your c: or d: or e: root directory.  The extract will create a single \Ficelle\ Directory and put all its files into there.  The Ficelle program is expecting find a simple c: or d:\ficelle\frontmnu.txt file and if it cannot find this Ficelle will not work.

If you were to extract the zip into some arbitrary named sub-directory, a newly created \Ficelle\ directory for example, you might end up having a \Ficelle\Ficelle\frontmnu.txt startup file which would prevent Ficelle from loading properly.   The important thing to understand is that if you have a  c:\ficelle\frontmnu.txt or a d:\ficelle\frontmnu.txt file then the Ficelle working files are set up properly.
Part 2 - download the Windows 95 setup file Setup95.zip

Ficelle_setup.zip 1.8 MB Ficelle_setup.zip extracts to create a directory \FicSetup95\ which has the setup file for Ficelle.  Extract this file into your root directory to create \FicSetup95\ with setup.exe.

Most Windows 95  systems will expand .zip files by just double clicking on them.

Part 3 - Install Ficelle

Part 4 - Create  your own lessons using Ficelle. Optional Note:  Having Ficelle start in a different directory than \Ficelle\

Suppose you want Ficelle to start a set of lessons in some new directory.  Say this directory is called \Madrid\.

Optional - download a sample test file fic_test.zip

fic_test.zip 2.2 MB Fic_test.zip extracts to create a directory \Fic_test\ which has a sample test with pictures, sounds, etc. It also uses the statistical functions, exports a stats file, a notepad like text compose window in ecrit.txt, etc. Use -> Author -> Open lesson file "\fic_test\lessons\Intro.txt" and follow the instructions and links in the lesson.

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