Walking Security Index Pilot Study Project:

Final Report Submission

 The report, Walking Security Index Pilot Study, has been submitted to the City of Ottawa, which completes the Walking Security Index (WSI) pilot study assignment.

 Readers who are familiar with the design formulations presented in Walking Security Index (City of Ottawa, 2000) will be pleased to learn that: 1) each of the macro indexes – Intersection Volume and Design Index, Quality of Intersection Condition Index, and Driver Behaviour Index – was found to satisfy all the operationalization test criteria (pertinence, support, degree of difficulty, data availability, enforceability); and 2) there is no technical or other reason for the City of Ottawa to delay an Index implementation program that serves and promotes pedestrians’ safety, comfort and convenience in Canada’s capital city. 

The report itself can be viewed here

Interested readers may contact Daphne Hope <Daphne.Hope@ottawa.ca> for details about the online and hardcopy availability of the document, and the six background reports prepared during the pilot study.

A list of Walking Security Index publications may be obtained by contacting Prof. Wellar at wellarb@uottawa.ca, or by viewing Prof. Wellar’s paper, “Lessons Learned from the Walking Security Index Project on How to Achieve Street-Smart Urban Transportation Improvements”, which is published in the Proceedings from the 2002 Conference of the Canadian Institute of Planners at:  http://www.cip-icu.ca/English/conference/proceedings/02proc15.pdf

Professor Barry Wellar                                                             
Principal Investigator, WSI Pilot Study                                      
Department of Geography                                                                  
University of Ottawa                                                                        
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5                                                                

Office Tel: 613/562-5800 x 1065; WSI Lab Tel: 613/562-5800 x 1043
Office Fax: 613/562-5145
Office E-mail: wellarb@uottawa.ca                                                 
URL: http://aix1.uottawa.ca/~wellarb  


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