2003 AAG Annual Conference 

Panel Session:
6229. Dealing with Ethical Conflicts in Client-Driven Research*

(Sponsored by the Applied Geography, Climate, Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography Hazards, Recreation, Tourism and Sport, and Urban Geography )
    is scheduled on Friday, 3/7/2003 from 10:00 a.m. - 11:40 a.m.

Organizer:  Barry Wellar - University of Ottawa
Chair:  Barry Wellar - University of Ottawa


  1. Rex D. Honey - University of Iowa (Panelist)
  2. Thomas H. Fletcher - Bishop's University (Panelist)
  3. Elizabeth L. Mons - Louisiana State University (Panelist)
  4. Barry Wellar - University of Ottawa (Panelist)
  5. Truman A. Hartshorn - Georgia State University (Panelist)
  6. Scott Bell - University of Saskatchewan (Panelist)

*For presentation materials circulated prior to the AAG meetings, and the e-mail addresses of the authors, see the following pages.

Elizabeth L. Mons

Barry Wellar

Thomas H. Fletcher