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Why This Book?

Throughout our years of language teaching, we experienced the all-too-common frustration of constantly searching for THE textbook suited to our French language classes and never finding one. What we needed was a textbook teaching beginners or near-beginners how to live in French in the Canadian context. We could not find it, so we wrote it.

Teaching how to live in French in the Canadian context means being able to interact with Francophones in a way similar to how Francophones interact among themselves. This implies knowing the rules of communication, being familiar with French-Canadian culture, using real language, and being actively involved in one's learning. À bon port can best be described by these key-words: communication, Canadian, authentic, learner-centered.

On enseigne des savoirs-faires, pas seulement des savoirs.

Hélène Knoerr - hknoerr@uottawa.ca
Alysse Weinberg - weinberg@uottawa.ca

Why Web Links

Unit 0 - To learn French ( Apprendre le Français)

Unit 1 - Canadian Landmarks (Le Canada d'un océan à l'autre)

Unit 2 - Sports (Les sports au Canada)

Unit 3 - Travel and Vacation (Voyages, vacances)

Unit 4 - Television (La télévision)

Unit 5 - Family and Relationships (Histoires de coeur et histoires de famille)

Unit 6 - Health (Bien dans sa peau, bien dans sa tête)

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