Vladimir Pestov - Curriculum Vitae

Present positions:
Contacts and photo: see official profile at U of O.
Current teaching etc.: web page
Born: Dec. 1956, Tomsk, then USSR
Family: Wife Irene, daughter Xenia, son Sviatoslav (Slava).
Dual citizen of: New Zealand / Aotearoa and Canada
Languages: Russian (native), English (OK), French (getting there), Brazilian Portuguese (functional), Italian, Te Reo Māori (tried to learn at some point in time).
Research interests: infinite-dimensional groups of transformations, set-theoretic topology, functional analysis;
statistical machine learning, data science
Research publications: Some 100+ articles and two editions of a book (1st at IMPA, 2nd at AMS)
Here are a list of research publications and Google Scholar citations profile
Awards: 1995 New Zealand Mathematical Society Award for Mathematical Research
2001 Victoria University of Wellington Award for Excellence in Research
Education: 1973-1978, Diploma in Mathematics with Distinction, Tomsk State University, Russia, then USSR
1980-1983, Ph.D. in Mathematics (Geometry and Topology), Moscow State University, Russia, then USSR (advisor: Alexander V. Arhangel'skii)
Positions held:
11.2012 to present: Pesquisador Visitante Especial do Programa Ciência sem Fronteiras, Departamento de Matemática, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
01.2011-04.2011 Pesquisador visitante do CNPq (nível 1), Departamento de Matemática, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, SC, Brazil
07.2002 to present: Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
07.1999-12.1999 Visiting research scientist, Computer Sciences Laboratory, Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia
01.1992-06.2002 Lecturer, Senior Lecturer (since 01.1994), Reader (since 01.1996), School of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing Science, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
09.1991-01.1992 Sessional Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria, and Camosun College, Victoria, B.C., Canada
05-07.1991 Professore visitatore dal Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Dipartimento di Matematica, Università degli Studi di Genova, Italia
09.1988-01.1991Visiting senior scientist, Laboratory of Functional Analysis, Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation, then USSR
06.1983-01.1991 Assistent, Senior Lecturer (since 03.1985), Dozent (since 03.1986), Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Tomsk State University, Russian Federation, then USSR
11.1978-05.1980 Junior scientist, Laboratory of Probability Theory, Institute for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Tomsk, Russian Federation, then USSR
Service to the academic community: 07.2004-06.2008: Associate Director (2004-06) and Director (2006-08), Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Mathematics and Statistics. (One of the largest graduate programs in Mathematics and Statistics in Canada.)
(Co-)organizer of various mathematical events, including the Fall 2010 Fields Institute thematic program on Asymptotic Geometric Analysis and about 20 conferences.
Associate Editor, Canadian Mathematics Bulletin and Canadian Journal of Mathematics.
Editor, Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae.
Permanent member of the Program Committee, international conference series on Similarity Search and Applications (SISAP).
Research supervision: Ph.D. theses, completed:
Aleksandar Stojmirović (VUW, 2005, cosupervised with Bill Jordan; arXiv thesis page);
Brice Rodrigue Mbombo Dempowo (Université de Yaoundé I, 2012, cosupervised with François Wamon; arXiv thesis page).
Ph.D. theses, current:
Gaël Giordano (U of O, co-supervised with George A. Wells);
Micheal Pawliuk (University of Toronto, cosupervised with Stevo Todorcevic).
M.Sc. research theses, completed: Siofilisi Hingano (VUW, 2001; arXiv version of thesis-based paper), Todd Rangiwhetu (VUW, 2002), Yousef Al-Gadid (UoO, 2007), Verne Cazaubon (UoO, 2008; thesis page), Ilya Volnyansky (UoO, 2009; thesis page), Robert Davis (UoO, 2009, co-supervised with George A. Wells), Damjan Kalajdzievski (UofO, 2012, thesis page).
M.Sc. research theses, current: Igor Artemenko, Hubert Duan, Stan Hatko.
Research fellow: Warren Moors (VUW, 1998-99).
Postdocs: Finlay Thompson (VUW, 1999-2001), Aleksandar Stojmirović (UoO, 2005-2006).
Summer RA and Honours projects, completed: Sebastian Dewhurst (UoO, 2005, 2006), Jason Pólak (UoO, 2006, jointly with Phil Scott), Adrian Maler (UoO, 2006, jointly with Phil Scott), Igor Artemenko (UoO, 2010-11, his project at arXiv), Hubert Duan (UoO, 2010-11, his project at arXiv), Stan Hatko (UofO, Jan. - Aug. 2013, his project at arXiv).
Summer research project, current: Yue Dong (U of O, 2013).
Summer MITACS research project, completed: Varun Singla (U of O, 2012).
USSR diploma theses (at Tomsk State University): Natalia Amelina (1988), Olya Shirokova (1988), Lyuda Golomidova (1989), Yana Dobronravova (1989), Andreï Faustov (1990).



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