Curriculum Vitae


Graduate students supervised:

  • Sherri Meek MA, A Translation Analysis of Ingeborg Bachmann's 'Simultan': Narration, Focalization and Intertextuality in the Stream of Consciousness Narrative, 1999.
  • Mara Bertelson MA, Food for Thought: A Commented Translation of Desbiolles' Culinary Novel 'La seiche', 1999.
  • Amy Gerald, MA, Spinning a Tale: English Translations and Adaptations of 'La belle au bois dormant'. From the Enlightenment to the Magic Kingdom, 2000.
  • Antonio Canizales MA,  Canadian feminist Translation Studies in Mexican Spanish Adaptation, 2002.
  • Carmen Huyssen MA, together with Annie Brisset Translating Nature, A Crosscultural Study of Topoi in Canadian-English and French Nature Writing, 2003.
  • Lucie Garnier MA, The Shipping News in French: Canadian Dubbing vs French Dubbing  (co-supervision with professors at paris VII-Denis Diderot) 2003.
  • Michele Healy PhD, The Cachet of Visibility: English Women Translators of Scintific Texts between 1650 and 1850, 2003.
  • Julie McDonough MA -  Muggles, and Quidditch, and Squibbs, Oh My! A Study of Names and Onomastic Wordplay in Translation, with a Focus on the Harry Potter Series, 2004.
  • Matthew Kayahara MA - Travestis Politiques. The Gay Value of Michel Tremblay's Dramatic Work in Translation , 2004.
  • Vanni Loriggio MA - La bande dessinée en traduction (with Annie Brisset), 2004.
  • Carla Boggiano MA -  Re-subtitiling 'La Boca del Lobo' , 2004.
  • Sharon Locke MA - Canadian Song Lyrics in Translation: a Trend since the 1990s, 2004.

Graduate students currently under supervision:

  • Brita Oeding (PhD), Canadian Women Writers of the 1990s in German Translation (working title)
  • Emmanuel Kamgang (PhD), Translating Sub-Saharan Africa: English, French, German
  • Nicole Lavigne (PhD)- advisor
  • Ana Gopenko (PhD) - Translating Liturgy: Traditions in the Russian Orthodox, Lutheran, and Roman Catholic Churches (working title)
  • Julie McDonough (PhD) with Clara Foz - Translations of Polemical, Political and historical Texts Around the Referenda of 1980 and 1995
  • Daniela Possamai (MA)- Pinocchio Adaptations (on leave of absence)
  • Jorge Prieto (MA) with Clara Foz
  • Smail Khris (MA)
  • Brad Leonard (MA)
  • Linda Ham (MA)
  • Marie Alnwick (MA)
  • Diol Djibril (MA)