John F. Bailyn, SUNY at Stony Brook - The Case of Q

Robert Borsley, University of Essex - On the Periphery: Comparative Correlatives in Polish and English

Helen Goodluck, University of Ottawa/University of Ulster - On the Processing and Acquisition of Relative Clauses and Questions in Serbian /Croatian



Maria Babyonyshev and Dina Brun, Yale University - 'Development of Perfective and Imperfective Passives in Child Russian'

Joanna Blaszczak, University of Potsdam - Polish Being "Ergative"? The Riddle of "X not be at Y" - Construction

Barbara Citko, University of Connecticut - Agreement Asymmetries in Coordinate Structures


Daniel Curie Hall, University of Toronto - A formal approach to /v/: Evidence from Czech and Slovak


Steven Franks, Indiana University and Asya Pereltsvaig, California State University Long Beach - Functional Categories in the Nominal Domain


Lydia Grebenyova, University of Maryland at College Park - Interpretation of Slavic Multiple Wh-questions


Ben Hermans, Tilburg University - Moderate Reduction, Extreme Reduction and Moderately Extreme Reduction


T. Florian Jaeger, Stanford University - Topicality and Superiority in Bulgarian Wh-questions


Edit Jakab, UQAM - Conditional Inversion in Russian in the Light of English


Mariana Lambova, University of Connecticut - On Predicate Fronting, V-raising and VP-ellipsis


Franc Marusic, SUNY at Stonybrook and Rok Zaucer, University of Ottawa - A Reanalysis of the Dative-Reflexive Construction in Slovenian


Roland Meyer, University of Leipzig - On Focus, Sentence Mood, and Prosody in Russian Polar Interrogatives


Gereon Mueller, IDS Mannheim - Syncretism in Russian Noun Inflection and the Decomposition of Inflection Class Features


Rossitza Nikolova and Gonia Jarema, Université de Montréal et Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal - Traitement lexical des verbes perfectifs et imperfectifs en bulgare


Milena Petrova, University of Southern California - Semantic Uniformity Across Domains


Natalia Rakhlin, University of Connecticut - A Case Against Case Conflicts


Milan Rezac, University of Toronto - The Czech Agreeing Subject Expletive


Irina A. Sekerina (CUNY College of Staten Island), Krassimira A. Petrova (University of Sofia), Eva Fernández (CUNY Queens College) - Relative Clause Attachment in Bulgarian


Mila Tasseva-Kurktchieva, University of South Carolina - Possessives and the Internal Structure of Bulgarian DPs


Olga Miseska Tomic, University of Leiden - The Genesis of the Balkan Slavic Future Tenses


Yahor Tsedryk, University of Western Ontario - A Note on Adversity Impersonal Constructions in Russian



Maria Babyonyshev, Yale University - How does the Extended Projection Principle Work in Russian


Dorota Glowacka, University College London - Polish Truncates and the Minimal Word Effect


Ilana Mezhevich, University of Calgary/University of Ottawa - On Russian Expletives






Eva G. Bar-Shalom, University of Connecticut - Finite Clauses in Child Russian and the "Full Competence Hypothesis"


Denisa Bordag, University of Leipzig - Interlingual and Intralingual Interference during Gender Production in Czech and German


Alexei Kochetov, Simon Fraser University - Processing Secondary Articulation Contrasts in Different Positions: Universal and Language-particular Factors

Roland Meyer, University of Leipzig - Superiority Effects in Russian, Polish and Czech: Comparative Evidence from Studies on Linguistic Acceptability

Olesya Olbishevska, University of Ottawa - The Acquisition of Aspect (Lexical vs. Grammatical) by Ukrainian Children

Asya Pereltsvaig, California State University Long Beach - Attrition of Agreement in Immigrant Russian

Danuta Perlak et Gonia Jarema, Université de Montréal et Centre de recherche de l’Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal - Étude des pseudo-mots et des néologismes en polonais

Marina Sherkina, University of Toronto - The Cognate Facilitation Effect in Bilingual Speech Production: The Case of Russian-English Bilingualism

Roumyana Slabakova, University of Iowa - The Conceptual Necessity of Strict Syntax-Semantic Mapping: A Theoretical and Empirical Issue

Andrea Stiasny, University of Michigan - The Acquisition of Personal Pronominal Clitics in Croatian



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