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WP09-03  A study of the diversification of China's foreign reserves within a three country stock-flow consistent model

                Author: Marc Lavoie, Jun Zhao

WP09-02  The compensation thesis, as exemplified by the case of the Chinese central bank

                Author: Marc Lavoie, Peng Wang

WP09-01  A behavioural finance model of exchange rate expectations within a stock-flow consistent framework

                Author: Marc Lavoie, Gauthier Daigle

WP08-09  Neoclassical empirical evidence on employment and production laws as artefact

                Author: Marc Lavoie

WP08-08  Towards Taming the New Consensus : Hysteresis and Some Other Post-Keynesian Amendments

                Author: Marc Lavoie

WP08-07  Surveying short run and long run stability issues with the Kaleckian model of growth

                Author: Marc Lavoie

WP08-06  Towards a Some instability puzzles in Kaleckian models of growth and distribution : A critical survey

                Author: Eckhard Hein, Till van Treeck, Marc Lavoie

WP08-05  Towards a post-Keynesian consensus in macroeconomics: Reconciling the Cambridge and Wall Street Views

                Author: Marc Lavoie

WP08-04  Pricing and the Financing of Investment: Is There a Macroeconomic Basis for Eichnerian Microeconomic Analysis?

                Author: Mario Seccareccia

WP08-03  In Search of the Will-o’-the-Wisp: Central Banking and the Natural Rate of Interest

                Author: Mario Seccareccia

WP08-02  The U.S. Financial Crisis and its NAFTA Linkages

                Author: Eugenia Correa, Mario Seccareccia

WP08-01  Would a North American monetary union protect Canada and Mexico against the ravages of “Dutch disease”?

                Author: Robert A. Blecker, Mario Seccareccia

WP06-05  Cadrisme within a Kaleckian Model of Growth and Distribution

                Author: Marc Lavoie

WP06-04  État social et théorie post-keynésienne

                Author: Marc Lavoie

WP06-03  A Three-Country Model with Fixed and Floating Exchange Rates under a Stock-Flow Coherent Approach

                Author: Jun Zhao

WP06-02  Demand-Led Growth and Long-Run Convergence in a Two-Sector Model

                Author: Jung Hoon Kim

                Author: Jung Hoon Kim

WP05-02  Capacity Utilization, Inflation and Monetary Policy: Marxian models and the New Keynesian Consensus
                Authors: Marc Lavoie and Peter Kriesler

WP05-01  The New View On Monetary Policy: The New Consensus And Its Post-Keynesian Critique
                Authors: Peter Kriesler and Marc Lavoie


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