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esearch On Banking International and National Systems Or Networks
(Recherche sur les institutions, systèmes ou réseaux bancaires nationaux et internationaux)

ROBINSON is an unofficial research group located at the Department of Economics of the University of Ottawa.

ROBINSON, as its name indicates, is focused on the economics of banking systems, both at the national and the international levels. It is concerned with the evolution of modern monetary systems, the institutions and networks, including central banks and clearing systems, in the context of globalization and modern means of payments, such as electronic money.

ROBINSON wishes to be a focus site for researchers, mainly Canadian ones, who are concerned about these same issues, and who wish to tackle them from a heterodox perspective, as was the case in the works of Joan Robinson.

ROBINSON wants to give Canadian researchers in this perspective an additional outlet to showcase their work on these issues.

ROBINSON may also organize conferences, seminars or workshops in the future, as its team members have done in the past.

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