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Marc Lavoie Homepage (curriculum vitae)
Professor, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa

Marc Lavoie joined the Economics Department in 1979. At the time, he had been on the Canadian national fencing team for six years, and he remained on it until 1984, when he retired from international competition. He was the Canadian senior sabre champion seven times, in 1975-1979 and in 1985-1986, and participated twice to the Summer Olympics.

Lavoie has been visiting professor at the universities of Bordeaux, Nice, Rennes, Dijon, Grenoble (UPMF), Limoges, Paris 13, Paris 1 and at Curtin University in Perth (Australia).

Based on the number of pages published in EconLit surveyed journals between 1990 and 2000, Lavoie was ranked 55th among all economists in the world. He is on the editorial board or advisory board of seven journals or associations.

He is presently writing a book on monetary economics with Wynne Godley, who is professor emeritus of applied economics at Cambridge University, and Visiting Senior Research fellow at the Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance.

Mario Seccareccia Homepage (curriculum vitae)
Professor, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa

Mario Seccareccia joined the Economics Department in 1978 and has shown an active interest in varied aspects of economic analysis, especially monetary economics. His academic duties at the University of Ottawa have been coupled with a strong commitment to trade unions, as expressed, among other, by his continued teaching at the Labour College of Canada since 1988.

Mario Seccareccia was a visiting professor at the University of Paris-Sud and the University of Bourgogne in France and he remains active on the steering committee of the Progressive Economics Forum and, among others, on the editorial board of Studies in Political Economy. He is also the editor of the International Journal of Political Economy, published by M.E. Sharpe.

His current research interest is in the area of dollarization or, more broadly, in the issue of monetary integration and has recently written a short monograph on this question for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

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