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Noble Gas Laboratory


Ian Clark
Ratan Mohapatra

126 Marion Hall
140 Louis Pasteur
Ontario K1N 6N5

Tel: 613.562.5800 x 6282
Fax: 613.562.5192


Noble gases provide a group of 23 stable isotopes to study physical processes in nature (earth, planets, solar system and stars). They are excellent tracers in monitoring radioactive pollution, understanding processes of volatile transfer, and dating physical processes- such as the age of ground water or the age of a rock.

Our laboratory offers high precision helium, neon (and other noble gas) isotopic measurements in a wide variety of geological and environmental samples (rock, water and gas and organics). It is the only such facility in Canada at present. Our analytical capabilities extend to the measurement C-14 and C, H, O, N stable isotopes and a range of chemical signatures by inhouse collaboration with G.G. Hatch Stable Isotope Lab and ICP MS Lab.

To support our crucial contributions to major environmental projects that aim at safe disposal of nuclear waste and monitoring radioactive pollutants (such as tritium) in Ontario, the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) has recently awarded us funds for state of the art analytical upgrades.

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