Algebraic Topology

This page will contain references and links that are helpful to the course. There will be more material over the next few days.

Here is a pdf of part of Chapter 1 of Weibel's book Introduction to Homological Algebra.

Here is a good reference on free products of groups and pushouts.

Here is Jill Clayburgh proving the Snake Lemma

Here is a nice article on Singular Homology.

Here are solutions to HW1.

Here is a pdf of Greenberg and Harper's book.

Here is a detailed proof of the Snake Lemma.

Here are solutions to Homework 2.

Here is a proof that the pullback of a covering map is a covering map.

Here is a chapter from Bredon's book Topology and Geometry. You'll find a good write-up of Eilenberg-Steenrod axioms, as well as a good section on CW-complexes.

Here is a nice article on de Rham cohomology.