Selected Publications

(Note: where provided, pdfs appear with permission of the publisher. Links to the final published version are also provided when available.)

(With Jan Sebestik) Bernard Bolzano: His Life and Work (2019)

(With Stefan Roski) Bolzano on Necessary Existence (2014) | Published Version | pdf

Kant and Bolzano on Analyticity (2013) | Published Version | pdf

(With Jan Sebestik) The Beyträge at 200: Bolzano's quiet revolution in the philosophy of mathematics (2013) | Published Version | pdf

On Bolzano's concept of a sum (2013) | Published Version | pdf

Remarks on Bolzano's conception of necessary truth (2012) | Published Version| pdf

Kant and Bolzano on logical form (2011) | Published Version | pdf

(With Mark Burke) Etchemendy and Bolzano on logical consequence (2010) | Published Version | pdf

(With Rolf George) Bolzano's Political Philosophy (2006) | pdf

(With Angus Kerr-Lawson) Bolzano and Uniform Continuity (2005) | pdf

Was Kant's philosophy of mathematics right for its time? (2004) | Published Version | pdf

Bolzano's Philosophy and the Emergence of Modern Mathematics (2001)

Philosophy of mathematics: Bolzano's responses to Kant and Lagrange (1999) | Published Version | pdf

Remaking mathematics: Bolzano reads Lagrange (1997) | pdf

Bolzano and the traditions of analysis (1997) | pdf

(With Rolf George) A last shot at Kant and incongruent counterparts (1995) | pdf | Published Version

Translations (with Rolf George)

B. Bolzano, Theory of Science

B. Bolzano, Selected Writings on Ethics and Politics

B. Bolzano, On the Mathematical Method and Correspondence with Exner

I also had a hand in these French translations, both of which were produced under the direction of Carole Maigné and Jan Sebestik:

Bolzano, Premiers écrits (2010)

Bolzano, De la méthode mathématique et la Correspondance avec Exner (2008)