Detailed course outline

LIN 2100-1 Introduction to Phonology

Fall 2001

Instructor: Olga Arnaudova

70 Laurier Ave. E., # 417

tel. 562 58 00/ext. 1776


Office hours: Tuesdays 3-4; Thursdays 3-4.

TA: Karin Nault

This course is an introduction to basic concepts of phonological theory. Topics include: articulatory phonetics, underlying and surface representation, alternations, distinctive features, phonological rules and derivations. The graded assignments are intended to provide you with feedback so that you know what your weaknesses are.

Come to class and do the exercices!


DGD-1 _______Monday 2.30-3.30
Simard Hall :422
Lecture_______Tuesday 1.00-2.30
Simard Hall :425
Lecture_______Thursday 11.30-1.00
Simard Hall :425

* There is a consultation hour with K. Nault on Friday (only by appointment) for students unable to come to DGD-1 because of conflict with other academic courses.


Graded assignments

5 assignments, each scored /10 (lowest grade will be deducted). Points will be subtracted for assignments that are a day late. Once grading has begun, assignments will NOT be accepted.

40% of the final grade
Mid-term test on Oct. 18, 2001
25% of the final grade
Final exam on Dec.14, 2001
35 % of the final grade


Required readings:

1. Textbook: J. Jensen. Principles of Generative Phonology (available at Laurier Office Mart, 226 Laurier Ave E.)

2. Sept. 11. chapter on reserve. (Giegerich, H. 1992, English Phonology)

3. Sept. 25, chapter on reserve. (Carr, Philip. 1993. Phonology)

4. Oct. 2, chapter on reserve: "Summary of Common Segmental Processes" (Spencer, Andrew. 1996. Phonology)

5. Oct. 9, chapter on reserve: " Distinctive Features and the Classification of Sounds".(Spencer, Andrew. 1996. Phonology)


Goals of the course:

• to gain familiarity with linguistic sounds and their adequate description and classification

• to study phonological processes on the basis of a vast range of human languages

• to practice how to do linguistic analysis and problem-solving



Supplementary reading (on reserve):

This material is optional.

1. Carr, Philip. 1993. Phonology. St. Martin's Press, New York.

2. Ladefoged, Peter. 1975. A course in phonetics.

3. Clark, John & Collin Yallop. 1995. An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology. Blackwell, Oxford.

4. Jensen, John & Miriam N. Pearse. 1997. Glossary of Generative Phonology, ms. University of Ottawa.

5. Kenstowicz, Michael. 1994. Phonology in Generative Grammar. Blackwell. Oxford. (first four chapters).


On-line phonetics course: