Chair Activities

Chair Symposium 2009

Invitees: Researchers, decision makers, and program planners working in the field of public health and specifically focused on Multiple Intervention Programming (MIPs).

The objectives of this symposium were to explore:

  1. The challenges inherent in developing accountability, governance, and other structural components essential for integration;

  2. The critical processes required for successful integration; and

  3. The ethical foundations for an equity-oriented approach to integration.

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CHSRF/CIHR Nursing Chair activities

The Canadian Health Services Research Foundation supports the evidence-based management of Canada's healthcare system by facilitating knowledge transfer and exchange - bridging the gap between research and healthcare management and policy.

Internal/External Committees

  1. Registered Nurses Association of Ontario– Towards Evidence Informed Practice (advisory committee)

  2. National Research Council– Task Group on Stairs, Ramps, Handrails, & Guards

  3. Canadian Coalition for Global Health

  4. Canadian Institutes for Health Research– Centres for Research Development Program (evaluation advisory committee); Governing Council (Chair); Executive Committee; Nominating Committee

  5. Institute of Population Health – College of Principal Scientists; Recruitment Committee; Diploma in Health Services and Policy Research Program (Steering Committee)

  6. Elisabeth Bruyère Research Institute– Advisory Committee

  7. Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing– Sub Committee on Graduate Studies Forum

  8. Public Health Agency of Canada, Population Health Fund – Canadian Falls Prevention Curriculum

  9. Canadian Consortium for Nursing Research & Innovation

  10. Public Health Research, Education & Development – Provincial Steering Committee

  11. Seniors Health Research Transfer Network

  12. Canadian Population Health Initiative– Advisory Committee


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last modified October 15, 2009