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Research Projects funded in 2003

Date Project Funded by
2003-2009 Edwards, N., Bin, W., & Roelofs, S. Sino-Canadian project for strengthening maternal and child health systems. Canadian International Development Agency
2003-2009 Lyons, R., McIntyre, L., Meagher-Stewart, D., Bavington, B., Edwards, N., Hennebury, T., Hills, M., Braunstein-Moody, J., Bayers, L., Rathwell, T., Frankish, J., Grant, J., Annis, R., Charles, T., Pilkey, D., Colman, R., Bollman, R., Simard, P. Reconfiguring physical and social environments to improve health: Research infrastructure development in Atlantic Canada. Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) - Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH)
2003-2004 Profit, S., Votta, E., Graham, H., Lockett, D., Holdway, K., Campbell B., Chircop, A., Sheppard-LeMoine, D., Thompson, A., Weeks, L., Lee, B., Edwards, N. (collaborator). A comparison of photo novella and semi-structured interviews to examine seniors' perceptions of barriers and facilitators to physical activity in community and long-term care settings. Canadian Nurses Foundation (CNF)
2003-2004 Edwards, N., Kothari, A., Lee, B. Assessing the Usability and Responsiveness of the Research Profile Assessment Process. Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
2003-2004 Edwards, N., Davies, B., Ploeg, J., Skelly, J., Higuchi, K., Pharand, D., Eldred, S. Evaluation of RNAO Nursing Best Practice Guidelines (Cycle 4). Registered Nurses Association of Ontario
2003-2004 Edwards, N. Sino-Canadian Project for Strengthening Health Systems for Maternal and Child Health (Design Phase). Canadian International Development Agency
2003- 2007 Lemyre, L., Krewski, D., Clarke, R., Brand, K., Corneil, W., Craig, L., Edwards, N., Grimshaw, J., Kacew, S., Lean, D., Leiss, W., Mercier, P., Shortreed, J., Todd, E., Weckman, E. Psychosocial and bioenvironmental risk assessment and management (RAM) tools to enhance response to CBRN attacks and threats in Canada CRTI
2003-2004 Community Health Research Unit Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
2003- 2004 Edwards, N., Kothari, A., Brajtmena, S., Campbell, B., Hamel, N., Lee, B., Legault, F., Mill, J., Sheppard-LeMoine, D., Valaitis, R. & Webber, J. Networking infrastructure for Community Health Nursing Researchers and Decision Makers.

Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

2003-2005 Austin, W., Edwards, N., Houston, S., Jackson, R., Leonard, L., MacLean, L., & Dumont-Smith, C. The Influence of Stigma on Access to Health Services by Persons with HIV. Canadian Institutes of Health Research
2003-2005 Leonard, L., Birkett, N., Dunkley, G., Kristiansen, C., Remis, R., Wells, G. Risk Factors and Risk Conditions Assocation with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Incidence and Prevalence Amongh Injection Drug Users: Directions for Prevention. Health Canada/Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)






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