El Cahuin Ilustrado

A collection of cartoons by Herman Olvidares, a Night Assistant at the Carnegie Observatory at Las Campanas, Chile. This page is an index to the eight larger format .GIF files.
. A collection of three short cartoons about life at Las Campanas.
. A collection of single panel cartoons showing the inhabitants of Las Campanas.
. "El Super Pata". El Super Pata races to solve an emergency. (The first appearance of El Super Pata.)
. "El Super Pata". El Super Pata meets some bandits.
. "Live & Direct". Ground breaking discoveries brought to the world as they happen.
. "Emilio". The famous Chile-Canada soccer game incident.
. Replacement staff brighten life at Las Campanas.
. "El Cahuin Ilustrado, Ano 5 Numero 1". A commentary on the building of the new Magellan observatory at Las Campanas.

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