Postgraduate Medical Education

Residency Training Programs:

The following residency training programs are recognized by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada:

Individual programs:

Anaesthesia (CaRMS)
Community Medicine (CaRMS)
Critical Care (AWC)
Emergency Medicine
Medicine (AWC)
Medical Genetics (CaRMS)
Ophthalmology (CaRMS)
Otolaryngology (CaRMS)
Psychiatry (CaRMS)


Critical care (AWC)
Infectious Diseases
Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (AWC)
Core Pediatrics (CaRMS)

Laboratory Medicine:

Anatomical Pathology (CaRMS)
General Pathology (CaRMS)
Haematological Pathology
Medical Microbiology


Cardiac Surgery (CaRMS)
General Surgery (CaRMS)
Neurosurgery (CaRMS)
Orthopaedic Surgery (CaRMS)
Otolaryngology (CaRMS)
Pediatric General Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Urology (CaRMS)
Vascular Surgery


Diagnostic Radiology (CaRMS)
Radiation Oncology (AWC) (CaRMS)

Obstetrics and Gynecology:

Obstetrics & Gynecology (CaRMS)
Maternal/Fetal Medicine (AWC)

Endocrinology & Metabolism
Internal Medicine (CaRMS)
Infectious Diseases
Medical Oncology
Nephrology (Adult)
Neurology (Adult) (CaRMS)
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(CaRMS)

The College of Family Medicine of Canada recognizes the following residency training programs:

Family Medicine (CaRMS)
Emergency Medicine/Family Medicine (SC)
Care of the Elderly (AWC)


CaRMS: Canadian Resident Matching Service. The programs indicated by (CaRMS) have designated PGY-1 positions.
AWC: Accreditation Without Certification.
SC: Special Competence.

The Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) is designed to help Canadian medical students obtain the postgraduate program of their choice and to help program directors obtain the student(s) of their choice. The matching service reserves the right to refuse applications for registration from graduates of schools whose degrees are not recognized by one or more of the provincial licensing authorities. In 1993 the Association of Canadian Medical Colleges approved a policy that in the first instance, graduates of Canadian Medical Schools will be matched to CaRMS positions.

Further information can be obtained from the:

Canadian Resident Matching Service
Suite 802, 151 Slater Street,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 5H3
Tel.: (613) 237-0075
Fax: (613) 563-2860

Detailed information about CaRMS is available on the Internet at:

For information about academic details of individual programs, contact the Program Directors:

Dr. Patrick Sullivan
Dept. of Anaesthesia
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
40 Ruskin Ave., Room 213
Ottawa, Ont.
Lynn McHardy (613) 761-4940
Dr. Tadeusz Pierscianowski
Div. of Dermatology
Ottawa Hospital, General Site Ottawa, Ont. K1Y-4G2
Lori Ann Cyr (613) 761-4774
Fax: 761-5340 (call first)

Dr. H.M. Yazdi
Div. of Anatomical/General Pathology
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Sheila Schnupp (613) 562-5422
Dr. Brian Elder
Dept. of Emergency Medicine
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Irene Harris (613) 761-4347

Dr. Donald Beanlands
Division of Cardiology
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Connie Moore (613) 761-4983
Dr. Peter Johns
Dept. of Emergency Medicine
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Céline Dugas (613) 737-8136

Dr. Roy Masters
Div. of Cardiac Surgery
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
U. of O. Heart Institute, Room H211
Linda Hamilton (613) 761-4233
Dr. Teik Chye Ooi
Div. of Endocrinology & Metabolism
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Penny Cullen (613) 761-4420

Dr. Lyla Graham (613) 562-6351
Care of the Elderly
43 Bruyere Street
4th Floor
Ottawa, ONT. K1N-5C8
Lorraine Leroux Fax: (613)562-6367
Dr. Daniel Way
Dept. of Family Medicine
43 Bruyere St., Rm 375, Floor 3JB
Ottawa, ONT. K1N-5C8
Louise Lanoue (Bruyere) (613) 562-6335
Julie Colquhoun (Civic) (613) 761-4519
Monica Conto-Cohoon (OGH)
(613) 241-1154 Ext. 324

Dr. Robert Spasoff (562-5800/8288)
Dept. of Community Medicine
Health Sciences Building
Faculty of Medicine
Room 3231C
Fay Draper 562-5410
Dr. John Mulloy
Northeastern Ontario Family Medicine
Laurentian University Cammpus
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 3Z9
Sue Bean (705) 688-0200
Fax: (705) 671-1688
1-800- 461-8777

Dr. Richard Hodder
Div. of Critical Care
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Respiratory Unit Fax: (613) 761-5418
Karen Kinney (613) 798-5555 Ext. 6405
Dr. Lyne Pitre
Div. of Family Medicine
Montfort Hospital
713 Montreal Road,
Ottawa, ONT. K1K-0T2
Diane Lachapelle (613) 746-4621/2200
Fax: (613) 748-4939

Dr. Linda Scully
Div. of Gastroenterology
The Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Dina Thopson (613) 761-4830
Dr. Christine Cripps
Div. of Medical Oncology
Ottawa Civic Hospital
Cancer Clinic
Doris Potenza (613) 725-6254

Dr. Robin Fairful-Smith
Div. of General Surgery
The Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
261-737 Parkdale Avenue
Linda Desrosiers (613) 737-8073
Dr. Baldwin Toye
Div. of Microbiology
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Sheila Schnupp (613) 562-5422

Dr. Barbara Power
Division of Geriatrics
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Marion Miskiw (613) 761-4195
Dr. Robin Walker
Division of Neonatology
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Louise Lafleur (613) 737-2415

Dr Philip Wells
Division of Hematology
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
465-737 Parkdale Avenue
Marilyn Colley (613) 761-4127
Dr. Steven Nadler
Division of Nephrology (Adult)
The Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Celine Dery (613) 737-8170
Fax: (613) 737-8141

Dr. Gail Rock (613) 798-5555/6180
Div. of Haematological Pathology
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Debbie Venables (613) 761-4254
Fax: (613) 761-4847
Dr. Alan Guberman
Division of Neurology (Adult)
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Claire Loyer (613) 737-8142

Dr. Jonathan Angel
Div. of Infectious Diseases (Adult)
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Room G-12
Jill Delaurier (613) 737-8442
Dr. Brian Benoit
Div. of Neurosurgery (613) 761-5384
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Room D702
Deborah Wigmore (613) 798-5555/7505

Dr. Craig Campbell (613) 737-8979
Division of Internal Medicine
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Lynn Burgess (613)737-8726
pager (613) 239-6176
Dr. Wylam Faught (613) 737-8560
Dept. of Obstetrics/Gynecology
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Room 8305
Nicole Belisle (613) 737-8566

Dr. Karen Fung-Kee-FungAsh
Div. of Maternal/Fetal Medicine
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Terry Bolduc (613) 737-8551
Dr. David Addison
Dept. of Ophthalmology
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Eye Institute, Lise Philips (613) 737-8793

Dr. Judith Allanson
Division of Medical Genetics
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Dorothy Napier (613) 738-3606
Dr. Jay Jarvis
Division of Orthopaedic Surgery
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Marie Mainville (613) 737-8974

Dr. André Lamothe
Dept. of Otolaryngology
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Denyse Laviolette (613) 737-8372
Dr. Paul Dagg
Dept. of Psychiatry
Royal Ottawa Hospital
Carmichael Bldg., Room 2056
Diane Hensel (613) 722-6521/6864

Dr. Debbie Davis
Dept. of Pediatrics
Children's Hospital of Eastern OntarioCentre
Charlie Macdonald (613) 737-2440
Dr. Catherine Lochrin
Div. of Radiation Oncology
Ottawa Regional Cancer Centre
General Division, 501 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ONT.
Suzan Casseus (613) 737-7700 Ext. 6802

Dr. Martin Hosking
Div. of Pediatric Cardiology
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
June Francoeur (613) 737-2390
Dr. Douglas Smith
Division of Rheumatology
Ottawa Hospital, General Site
Monique Delorme (613) 737-8176

Dr. Jeffrey Simons (613) 737-2538
Div. of Pediatric Critical Care Surgery
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Jean Hicks (613) 738-3670
Dr. Farid Shamji
Div. of Thoracic Surgery
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site Room 159
Lisa Marcantonio (613) 761-5060

Dr. Pierre Soucy
Div. of Paediatric General Surgery
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Monic P‚pin (613) 737-2396
Dr. Ron Gerridzen
Division of Urology
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Helen Robinson (613) 761-4270

Dr. Noni MacDonald
Div. of Paediatric Infectious Diseases
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Debbie Clement (613) 737-2651
Dr. George Hajjar
Div. of Vascular Surgery
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
632-737 Parkdale Avenue
Tracy Mitchell (613) 761-5216

Dr. Norman Wolfish
Division of Paediatric Nephrology
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Bonnie Landon (613) 737-2441
Dr. Peter Humphreys
Division of Paediatric Neurology
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Diane Joanis (613) 737-2605

Dr. Meredith Marks
Div. of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Centre, Room 1200
Linda McEwen (613) 737-7350/5595
Dr. Carole Dennie
Dept. of Diagnostic Radiology
Ottawa Hospital, Civic Site
Barbara Sherlock (613) 761-4054

Guidelines for Foreign Medical Graduates

A. Foreign Graduates with Canadian Legal Status (Canadian Citizenship or Landed Immigrant).

The Ontario International Medical Graduate (IMG) program is the only route of entry to an Ontario Residency program for foreign graduates who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants. To be eligible to apply for the IMG program, a graduate of a foreign Medical School must:

Twenty-four IMG program positions are available in Ontario. Candidates will be selected on the basis of the admission criteria and the examinations as outlined in the IMG program booklet. All Ontario Medical Schools are participating in the program. The locations of successful applicants will be based on a lottery system. Twelve positions will be located at the University of Toronto, and three will be located at each of the following Universities: McMaster, Ottawa, Queen's and Western Ontario. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply up to a maximum of 4 times in total.

Complete application forms and further information can be obtained from the:

Ontario International Medical Graduate Program
85 Grenville Street, Suite 302
Toronto, Ontario M5S 3A2
Telephone: (416) 978-2459

Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE)

The MCCEE examination is held twice yearly, usually in March and September. It is a one day examination, given on the same day throughout the world in morning and afternoon sessions. Blank application forms ("Application for the Evaluating Examination") can only be obtained from the Canadian Immigration Office or post serving the country of current residency of the candidate who applies from a foreign country. The completed application form must be submitted to:

The Medical Council of Canada
2283 St-Laurent Boulevard,
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5A2
Tel.: (613) 521-6012
Fax: (613) 521-9417

B. Foreign Graduates without Canadian Legal Status: In order to train in Ontario, a foreign medical school graduate must be officially sponsored by a funding source from the graduate's own country. Acceptable funding sources are strictly limited to government agencies or charitable organizations. Private or personal funds are not acceptable.

The following requirements must be met:

The deadline for applications is September 30of each year for the following (July) academic year.

If admitted, all foreign graduates must undergo a Pre-Entry Assessment Program (PEAP) of 4 to 12 weeks, prior to the commencement of the training program and sign a letter of intent indicating the return to their own country upon completion of training.

Further information can be obtained from:

Diane Cyr
Program Coordinator,
Postgraduate Medical Education,
Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
451 Smyth Road,
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1H-8M5
Tel.: (613) 562-5413
Fax: (613) 562-5420

You can also send an e-mail to Dr. Jeff Turnbull (Assistant Dean, Post Graduate Education):

Last Update: July 21, 1998

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