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Irvin Waller

 …. has been a full professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa since 1982, where he teaches crime prevention, crime policy and victim empowerment.  He advises governments and gives keynote speeches on these issues across the world.


He has a Masters in Economics and a Ph.D. in Law and Criminology from the University of Cambridge.  He published empirical studies on Men Released from Prison and Burglary, the Victim and the Public at the University of Toronto where he taught from 1966-1973. 


From 1974-1980, he was the first director general of research and statistics for the Solicitor General of Canada who was the cabinet minister responsible for the RCMP, Corrections and Crime Policy.  His group was critical to launching crime prevention, preventive policing, and victim empowerment as well as providing evidence for the abolition of the death penalty.


In 1986, he was awarded public policy awards by the World Federation of Mental Health and the US National Organization for Victim Assistance for pioneering the Declaration on Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1985.  He was Secretary General of the World Society of Victimology from 1982- 1988, President from 1994-1997 and chairs its UN Liaison Committee.  He is on the Advisory group to the International Network for Juvenile Justice for Defense for Children International. 


From 1980 until today, he has published extensively on effective crime prevention and victim policies in Western Europe, North America and internationally.  He has advised many Justice Ministers in Canada, was a member of the National Criminal Justice Commission in the USA (1994-95), and part of the South African government’s task force to promote safety and security (1996-1997).  He has assisted policy makers in the US and the UK with the case for crime prevention.  He has advised intergovernmental organizations including the UN and OECD.  In 1996, the Belgian Interior Ministry gave him an award for his contribution internationally to crime prevention.


From 1994 to 2000, he was on leave as the first Director General of the International Centre for Prevention of Crime (Montreal).  Major governments in Western Europe and North America support the Centre.  It has contributed to crime prevention across the world through analysis of successful experiences, net-working of leading government officials and practitioners, and mobilizing social, school and enforcement services to solve the causes of crime.


He is writing a book on the new crime policy to enable political leaders to use what has worked and what is right to meet the public’s needs for protection from crime.  He lectures in English, French and Spanish.  His writing has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, German and Russian.


Criminology, University of Ottawa

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Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5, CANADA

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