Welcome to the Tuktu-Poro-Atihk Network

We represent a spectrum of stakeholders who have come together to explore opportunities, voice concerns, and share learned experiences on a number of subjects related to Aboriginal tourism and focusing on groups who are involved in some way with reindeer/caribou.

In the summer of 2009, a workshop was held at the University of Ottawa, under the auspices of InterCulture and SSHRC. The workshop brought together representatives of Aboriginal nations and communities, tourism groups and associations, academic scholars and researchers, and independent consultants.

Using SAS2 (Social Analysis Systems) methodology developed by Jacques Chevalier et al, stakeholders mapped out requirements for a Northern Aboriginal/Indigenous collaborative research strategy that incorporated ethical criteria, environmental management strategies, culturally adapted governance, and local control of projects.

Out of this workshop came the decision to develop a network, the "Reindeer" network, as it were, whereby the stakeholders would keep in touch, collaborate on future projects, and develop new, "decolonialised" research methodologies when dealing with Aboriginal/Indigenous nations and cultures in the circumpolar / reindeer-caribou region.