January 2, 2000

Saskatchewan's Electronic Documents and Information Act, Bill 11 (E-COMMERCE)

Reform Party of Canada v. Western Union Insurance Company - 1999 BC decision involving libel and Internet publication (DEFAMATION)


November 10, 1999

Consumer Protection for Electronic Commerce - A Canadian Framework - 1999 guidelines (CONSUMER PROTECTION)

Shopping on the Internet - Consumer Tips - 1999 report from Office of Consumer Affairs (CONSUMER PROTECTION)

Your Internet Business - Earning Consumer Trust - 1999 report from Office of Consumer Affairs (CONSUMER PROTECTION)


November 1, 1999

Government of Canada PKI - Cross Certification Methodology and Criteria - October 1999 policy paper (E-COMMERCE)


October 24, 1999

Rudder v. Microsoft Corp. - 1999 Ontario case involving clickwrap contract (E-COMMERCE)

Final Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (E-COMMERCE)

Online Dispute Resolution and Avoidance in Electronic Commerce - 1999 paper by Christine Hart (E-COMMERCE)

Flowthru.com - Canada's second online offering (SECURITIES)

Bill C-231 - Internet Child Pornography Prevention Act - private members bill - October 1999 (FREE SPEECH)


October 15, 1999

Bill C-6 (formerly C-54) re-introduced in the House of Commons (PRIVACY)


September 23, 1999

Canada Post Corp. v. Epost Innovations Inc. - 1999 BC Supreme Court domain name dispute (DOMAIN NAMES)

Michael McGuigan - 1999 Ontario Securities Commission settlement (SECURITIES)


September 9, 1999

Canada Post Corp. v. Epost Innovations Inc. - 1999 Federal court domain name dispute (DOMAIN NAMES)


September 3, 1999

ITV Technologies, Inc. v. WIC Television Ltd. - 1999 Federal Court case revisiting domain names and trademark (DOMAIN NAMES)


August 23, 1999

Internet and Bulk Unsolicited Commercial Email - 1999 E-commerce Task Force Report (Unsolicited Email)

Analysis of the submission by the Ontario Ministry of Health to the Standing Committee on Industry on Bill C-54 (Privacy)

Report of Canadian Delegation on the Thirty-fourth Session of the UNCITRAL Working Group on Electronic Commerce, Feb. 1999 (E-Commerce)

UNCITRAL Uniform Rules on Electronic Signatures Consultation Paper (E-Commerce)


August 6, 1999

Email Encryption Made Simple - Ontario Privacy Commissioner Guide (Cryptography)

CIRA Documentation (Domain Names)


July 29, 1999

Re CITY-TV (Labour, Caselaw)

CRTC New Media Broadcasting Exemption Proposal (Calls for Comments, Govt. Regulation)


July 21, 1999

OCC Approval of CIBC Online Bank (Banking)

GSW Inc. v. Canada (Registrar of Trademarks) (IP, Caselaw)


July 12, 1999

I am very pleased to announce that the CILRP underwent some major changes over the weekend. The key changes include:

1. A new, more modern look.

2. A new Canadian Internet news section on the main page. As you know, the Canadian and International technology press have been covering Canadian Internet law issues with increased interest in recent months. The CILRP will now feature links to the most recent stories appearing in the national and international media with a Canadian focus. I will try to update the selections every day or as time permits.

3. Several new topic sections including -

- competition law

- electronic cash

- gambling

- internet telephony

The internet telephony section may be of particular interest as it includes links to many CRTC rulings on the issue.

4. A new "What's New" section that will feature a Web version of the regular email updates.

5. A considerable infusion of new content including new caselaw (the spam and domain name cases from last week), conferences, articles, legislation (links to all available provincial privacy laws), and more. A reminder that the CILRP-Update list will continue to provide semi-regular updates on recent additions to the site.




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