ASC Shuts Down Island Exchange - National Post (February 17, 2000)

Canada Probes BBS-Using Broker - August 7/00 (Wired News)

Cross Border Internet Players Concern OSC - May 17/00 (Globe and Mail)

Decision Reserved in Hearing - Edmonton Sun (September 8, 1999)

Investors Told to Beware Stock Advice on Net - January 22/01 (Globe and Mail)

OSC Extends Cease-Trade Orders for Internet Firms - December 21/00 (Globe and Mail)

QSC Probes Brokers Misusing the Internet - October 3/00 (Globe and Mail)

SEC Sues B.C. Man Over Net Advice - April 6/00 (National Post)

TSE Tests Chat Room e-Watchdog - November 6/00 (Globe and Mail)

Worldwide Sweep Exposes Illicit Net Schemes - November 1/00 (Globe and Mail)



Alteen v. Informix Corp. - 1998 Newfoundland case granting jurisdiction over securities case in part due to information available on the Internet

Newbridge Networks Corp (Re) - 2000 Ontario Superior Court case involving electronic proxy notices

World Stock Exchange - Alberta Securities Commission February 2000 Decision (PDF) (SECURITIES)



Delivery of Documents by Issuers using Electronic Media Concept Proposal - Canadian Securities Administrators request for comment

Investing and the Internet - Canadian Securities Administrators document

Notice Of National Policy 11-201 - Delivery Of Documents By Electronic Means - CSA Proposed policy, Dec. 1998

Notice Of National Policy 47-201 - Trading In Securities Using The Internet and Other Electronic Means - CSA Proposed policy, Dec. 1998

Proposed Electronic Communications Disclosure Guidelines - Toronto Stock Exchange proposal; in Adobe Acrobat format



American Technology Exploration Corp. - 1998 B.C. Securities Commission decision

Michael McGuigan - 1999 Ontario Securities Commission settlement

Turner Phillips - 1998 B.C. Securities Commission decision

World Stock Exchange - Notice of Hearing - 1998 Alberta Securites Commission notice

World Stock Exchange - February 2000 Decision (PDF)



E-Minerals - Canada's first online offering

Flowthru - Canada's second online offering



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