Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

CRTC New Media Broadcasting Exemption Proposal

CRTC New Media Final Report, Part One & Part Two

CRTC 1998 Call for comments on Internet regulation - (FRANCAIS)

CRTC New Media Hearing Submission Page

CRTC New Media Hearings Transcripts - Phase One

CRTC New Media Hearings Transcripts - Phase Two

High-Speed Net Clash Moves Into High Gear - September 21/00 (Globe and Mail)

Should Canada Regulate the Net? - WIRED, August 8, 1998

Square Pegs and Round Holes: CRTC Regulation of the Internet- 1996 article by Michael Koch of Smith Lyons

Competition and Culture on Canada's Information Highway: Managing the Realities of Transition - 1995 CRTC Report (FRANCAIS)



Bill C-396 - bill to establish ISP licensing

Canadian Internet Licensing Board - spoof on a regulated Internet



Broadcasting Act - (FRANCAIS)

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act- (FRANCAIS)

Telecommunications Act - (FRANCAIS)



1995 Report of the Canadian Content and Culture Working Group, IAHC- (FRANCAIS)

Wired to Win! - May 1999 Final Report of Subcommittee on Communications of the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications (FRANCAIS)



In Quebec, French-First Policy Riles Small Sites - May 5/00 (NY Times)

Quebec Government Policy on English-only Web Sites

Quebec Language Agency Cracks Down on English-only Web Site - June 1999 Globe and Mail article

Two Solitudes, One Medium: Quebec Businessman Caught Between Global Medium and Provincial Language Laws - September 15/00 (Canada Computes)



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