British Columbia Internet Association

CA Domain

CAAST - Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft

CAIP - Canadian Association of Internet Providers

Canadian IT Law Association

The Canadian Technology Network

CATA - Canadian Advanced Technology Association - (FRANCAIS)


CIRA - Canadian Internet Registration Authority

CSALT - Canadian Society for the Advancement of Legal Technology

Cyber Conflict Resolution Centre - (FRANCAIS)

Electronic Commerce Canada

Electronic Frontier Canada

Information Technology Association of Canada

Information Technology Association of Canada - Ontario

LoGIC - Legal Group for the Internet in Canada

PTIC - Patent and Trademark Institute of Canada (FRANCAIS)

RISC - Responsible Internet Service Companies

SOCAN - Society of Composers of Authors and Music Publishers of Canada

The Toronto Computer Lawyers' Group

Uniform Law Conference of Canada - Electronic Commerce Initiatives

Web Trust / CICA - (FRANCAIS)



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