ASC Shuts Down Island Exchange - National Post (February 17, 2000)

Braintech Loses Supreme Court Appeal - National Post (March 10, 2000)

Court Rules on Internet's Jurisdictional Boundaries - April 1999 National Post article on Braintech case

Courts Take A Hands-Off Approach to Passive Web Sites - Globe and Mail (March 9, 2000)

Everybody Wants to Rule the Web - January 18/01 (Globe and Mail)

Internet Case May be Heard in Supreme Court - May 1999 National Post article on Braintech case

Internet Law Moving at a Snail's Pace - August 1999 article on ILPF conference in Montreal

Jurisdiction and the Internet - Uniform Law Conference study on the jurisdiction issue, July 1998

Law of the Internet - study edited by Donald M. Cameron

Local Laws Begin to Assert Power - Globe and Mail (February 24, 2000)

Regulating the Internet - article by Dov Weisbrod which appeared in 4 M.C.L.R. 331 (1995)

The Gap Between Won't and Can't - Globe and Mail (August 19, 1999)



Alteen v. Informix Corp. - 1998 Newfoundland case granting jurisdiction over securities case in part due to information available on the Internet

Braintech, Inc. v. Kostiuk - 1999 B.C. Court of Appeal decision with significant Internet jurisdiction discussion

Convectair NMT Inc. v. Ouellet Canada - 1999 Quebec Superior Court involving jurisdictionsal discussion and metatags dispute (French only)

Desktop Technologies Inc. v. Colorworks Reproduction and Design, Inc. - 1999 U.S. District Court case involving Canadian company and domain name dispute; ct. focuses on jurisdictional issue

Easthaven v. - 2001 Ontario Superior Court case involving jurisdiction and domain name issues (DOMAIN NAMES, JURISDICTION)

Re Island Tel Inc. - February 2000 CIRB decision on federal jurisdiction over ISPs

Pro-C Limited v. Computer City, Inc. - 2000 Ontario case involving Web-based trademark infringement

World Stock Exchange - Alberta Securities Commission February 2000 Decision (PDF) (SECURITIES)


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