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A Patently Obvious Threat to E-commerce - Globe and Mail (January 27, 2000)

B.C. Court Shores Up Protection for Anticorporate Protest Sites - February 15/01 (Globe and Mail)

Broadcasters Want Copyright Act Changed - March 29/00 - (National Post)

Canadian Copyright and the Internet - article by Avi Pollock

Canadian Tire Isn't Laughing - January 27/01 (Toronto Star)

Canadian Writers Decry Amazon Plan - January 20/01 (Wired)

Canadian Yahoo parody threatened with legal action (January 13, 2000)

Copyright Holders May Rule the Day - August 10/00 (Globe and Mail)

Copyrights, Trademarks and the Internet - 1996 article by Donald Cameron, Tom Onyshko and W. David Castell of Smith Lyons

Easy Listening - Globe and Mail (December 23, 1999)

Fairtunes Has Tip for Recording Artists - August 19/00 (Globe and Mail)

Is Linking Always Legal? The Experts Aren't Sure - August 1999 New York Times article

Like it or Not, Napster and its Kind are Here to Stay - February 14/01 (Globe and Mail)

Link Clash Weakens Web Spirit - August 1999 Globe and Mail article

Napster North of the 49th Parallel - July 27/00 (Globe and Mail)

The New Canadian Copyright Bill - 1997 article by H. Bernard Mayer of Smith Lyons

Trademark Confusion Creeps Into Web Site Content - September 7/00 (Globe and Mail)

Trademark and Copyright Infringement on the Internet - 1997 paper by Richard Owens of Smith Lyons

Vital Ruling Misses Boat on Offshore Servers - Globe and Mail (November 18, 1999)



British Columbia Automobile Association v. Office and Professional Employees' International Union - 2001 B.C. Supreme Court case involving copyright, domains, and meta-tags

Convectair NMT Inc. v. Ouellet Canada - 1999 Quebec Superior Court involving jurisdictional discussion and metatags dispute (French only)

GSW Inc. v. Canada (Registrar of Trademarks) - June 1999 Federal Court case discussing use of Web-based evidence

Guillot v. Arvic Search Services- 2001 Federal Court case involving copyright online

Imax Corp. v. Showmax Inc. - January 2000 Federal Court case discussing linking and framing (IP)

Canada Copyright Board Issues Reasons on Private Copying

Pro-C Limited v. Computer City, Inc. - 2000 Ontario case involving Web-based trademark infringement

Robertson v. Thompson Corp. - 1999 Ontario decision granting class action certification to writers claiming copyright violation for electronic publication of materials

Saskatoon Star Phoenix Group Inc. v. Noton - 2001 Saskatchewan cybersquatting case

Sotramex Inc.v. Sorenviq Inc. - 1998 Quebec Superior Court case involving web copyright violations (French only)

Tariff 22 Decision (PDF file) - 1999 Copyright Board of Canada's first round decision on Internet royalties for online music



Crown Copyright in Cyberspace - 1995 conference (FRANCAIS)

Digital Technology and Copyright - 1995 conference (FRANCAIS)



Canadian Patent Database - (FRANCAIS)

Canadian Trademarks Database - (FRANCAIS)



Major Broadcasters Upset at Upstart Webcaster - Globe and Mail (December 3, 1999)

iCraveTV Lawsuit Could Be Stalling Tactic - Globe and Mail (January 21, 2000)

Canadians To Join iCraveTV Attack - Globe and Mail (January 21, 2000)

iCraveTV Makes Waves - Globe and Mail (January 21, 2000)

Media Giants Target Canadian Maverick - Globe and Mail (January 21, 2000)

Hollywood Seeks to Crush iCraveTV - National Post (January 21, 2000)

Giants Rise to Crush Upstart - Toronto Star (January 22, 2000)

iCraveTV Might Pull Its Signals - Globe and Mail (February 4, 2000)

iCrave Off the Air for Extra 90 Days - Toronto Star (February 9, 2000)

iCraveTV Vows to Restore Service - Globe and Mail (February 17, 2000)

iCraveTV Waves White Flag in Web Rebroadcasting Battle - Globe and Mail (February 29, 2000)



Broadcasters Seek Time to Counter JumpTV Webcasting - September 28/00 (Newsbytes)

Canadian Copyright Review Threatens JumpTV's Plans - May 29/01 (Newsbytes)

Get Ready for Reruns in Battle over On-line TV - March 15/01 (Globe and Mail)

JumpTV Aims To Be The Next iCraveTV - Without Lawsuits - September 15/00 (Newbytes)

JumpTV Considers Webcasting - September 21/00 (Globe and Mail)

JumpTV Poised to Launch iCraveTV-like Service - Really - May 1/01 (Newsbytes)

Montreal Webcaster Pushes Legal Limits - May 14/01 (Toronto Star)

Net Rebroadcasts to be Targeted by Ottawa - May 31/01 (Globe and Mail)



Canadian Heritage and Industry Canada Launch Copyright Reform Process

Copyright Act - (FRANCAIS)

Industrial Design Act - (FRANCAIS)

Integrated Circuit Topography Act - (FRANCAIS)

Patent Act - (FRANCAIS)

Trademarks Act - (FRANCAIS)



A Copy is a Copy: Copyright Issues and the Emerging Information Infrastructure- 1995 ITAA Report (FRANCAIS)

Copyright and the Information Highway - 1995 position paper by the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications

Database Protection and Canadian Laws - 1998 report by Professor Robert Howell of the University of Victoria Law School

Intellectual Property Enforcement Guidelines - 1999 draft from Competition Bureau (FRANCAIS)

Canadian Competition Bureau IP Guidelines Issued - 2000 final version from Competition Bureau

Internet Copyright Infringement in Canada - 1997 report by Mark Hayes for Industry Canada (FRANCAIS)



CAAST - Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft


PTIC - Patent and Trademark Institute of Canada (FRANCAIS)

SOCAN - Society of Composers of Authors and Music Publishers of Canada




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