Virtual Pharmacies Set Up Shop Online - Globe and Mail, July 30, 1999

When Medicine Moves to the Internet, Its Legal Issues Tag Along - 1997 article by Eleanor LeBourdais that appeared in Nov. 15, 1997 issue of Canadian Medical Association Journal



Canada's Health Infoway: Paths to Better Health - February 1999 final report (FRANCAIS)

Ensuring Privacy and Confidentiality on Canada's Health Iway - April 1998 CANARIE report (FRANCAIS)

Telehealth In Canada: Clinical Networking, Eliminating Distances - April 1997 CANARIE report (FRANCAIS)

Towards A Canadian Health IWAY: Vision, Opportunities and Future Steps - 1996 CANARIE report (FRANCAIS)



Office of Health and the Information Highway - (FRANCAIS)




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