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Electronic Commerce
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This Week

The CBC News recently ran a profile of the 2001 Electronic Commerce Law Workshop.

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Our April 4th lecture will focus on strategies for IPOs or corporate buyouts. Joining us at 4:00 PM EST will be Deborah Weinstein of LaBarge Weinstein, Craig White of Osler Hoskin & Harcourt, and Bernadette Eischen who is Vice-President and General Counsel of Crosskeys.

Course Overview

Welcome to the homepage for the Electronic Commerce Law Workshop 2001.

The course, which will meet each Wednesday from 4 to 7 p.m. from January 3rd to April 4th, will work through the legal issues that arise in the course of developing an e-commerce startup company.

This course will be open to both participants from the University of Ottawa and from around the world via the Internet. Each class will be Webcast live on the Internet and feature email participation. Archives of each class will also available for those that miss a particular broadcast.

Each class feature a panel of guest speakers drawn from the Canadian technology community including participants from industry (Alcatel, Bell Canada, Canada Post, Celtic House, Cognos, Corel, Crosskeys, iCraveTV, Mitel, NetActive, Nortel, StartingStartups.com, Watchfire, ZeroKnowledge), government (Justice, Privacy Commissioner's Office), and the legal community (Borden Ladner Gervais, Gowlings, Heenan Blakie, LaBarge Weinstein, Ogilvy Renault and Osler Hoskin & Harcourt).

Topics scheduled to be addressed included:

       - Web site development agreements

       - Online ADR

       - Online contracting

       - Licensing agreements

       - Intellectual property concerns

       - Privacy policies

       - Acceptable Use Policies

       - Labour and employment issues

       - Regulatory Issues

       - Corporate structure

       - Going public/bought out

For more information on the course content, see the course calendar page.

The class, which will have 20 participants from the University of Ottawa, will meet in a teleconferencing classroom with equipment capable of webcasting and interacting with as many as 80 participants accessing the class via the Internet. Internet access included real time streaming video (webcast), real time chat (the potential to ask questions and participate in the class discussion), and participation in a class discussion list.

In order to ensure a balanced group of online participants, a certain number of spots are reserved for law students. There is no cost to the students for participating in the course nor is it anticipated that the students will receive academic credit for their online participation.

The remaining spots are open to the legal community. Given the experimental nature of this course, we will not be charging an upfront fee for the course. However, we ask that participants make a suitable contribution at the conclusion of the course should things work out as planned.

There are two tracks open to participants. The live track will enable registrants to participate in the class live each week. Please only apply for this track if you are willing to commit to participate each week. There are a limited number of places available on the live track and thus we hope to maximize participation through active online registrants. Candidates who would like to be considered for the live track should send an email to ecommlive@yahoo.com with a brief description of their interest and experience in the IT law field and affirm their commitment to fully participate in the course throughout the semester.

A second track will enable registrants to view archived versions of past classes and participate fully in the online discussion forum. Candidates who would like to be considered for the observer track should send an email to ecommobserve@yahoo.com with a brief description of their interest and experience in the IT field.

I am particularly grateful to the McCarthy Tetrault Foundation and the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy for their generous contributions in support of this program.

If prospective participants have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at mgeist@uottawa.ca.