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Agency Probes Ottawa Firm's Filing of Chretien Dot-ca - November 10/00 (Globe and Mail)

Author Sues Wal-Mart Over Web Dispute - June 1/00 (Globe and Mail)

B.C. Firm Wins Domain Name Case - March 1999 National Post article

B.C. Court Shores Up Protection for Anticorporate Protest Sites - February 15/01 (Globe and Mail)

Bell Winning Battle to Protect Yellow Pages Brand Name on Web - July 1999 Globe and Mail article on Bell Actimedia case

Canada's Name Game - The Red Tape - Globe and Mail (January 20, 2000)

Canada's Name Game - The Entrepreneurs - Globe and Mail (January 20, 2000)

Canada on IOC Hit List - July 13/00 (Globe and Mail)

Canada Post in Domain Name Dispute - Globe and Mail (August 27, 1999)

Canadian Domain-Name Bid May Have Precedent On Its Side - April 12/01 (Newsbytes)

Canadian Internet Firm Loses Suit in U.S. - May 12/00 (Globe and Mail)

CIRA Launches Public Board Elections - March 8/01

Chretien Dot-ca his for the Taking - November 9/00 (Globe and Mail)

Competition Fierce for Internet Domain Names - November 20/00 (National Post)

Confusion Reigns in Domain-Name Cases - May 17/01 (Globe and Mail)

'Cybergripers' Lose Rights - August 19/00 (Globe and Mail)

Cybersquatting Gets Personal for Canadian Justice Minister - August 18/00 (Newsbytes)

Domain Name Battle May Set Legal Precedent - Globe and Mail (January 14, 2000)

Domain Name Wars Heat Up - May 4/00 (Globe and Mail)

Domains Have No Real Master - Globe and Mail (August 26, 1999)

Dot-ca Dispute Rules Open for Public Debate - October 5/00 (Globe and Mail)

Dot-ca Rules Embarass Canada - April 13/00 (Globe and Mail)

Dot-ca System Causes Controversy - June 6/00 (Globe and Mail)

eBay in Domain Name Faceoff - April 11/00 (Globe and Mail)

E-card Spat Tests Reach of U.S. Law - May 10/00 (Globe and Mail)

'E-Cards Flap Has Many Unhappy Returns for Canadians - May 12/00 (Newsbytes) Loses Name - October 7/00 (Globe and Mail)

Freer System to Spark Cyber-Battles: Experts - May 23/00 (Ottawa Citizen)

Loblaw Loses Another Net Name Battle - June 21/00 (Globe and Mail)

Loblaw Sues Toronto Woman for Control of Web Site Names - May 4/01 (Globe and Mail)

Long Arm of U.S. Law Crosses into Canada - August 12/00 (National Post)

Major Sports Leagues File Cybersquatting Suit - CNET News (December 21, 1999)

Masters of their Domain - Toronto Sun (September 1, 1999)

McLellan Awarded Internet Domain Names - September 29/00 (Globe and Mail)

McLellan Revises Dot-ca Registry - August 23/00 (Globe and Mail)

McLellan Seeks Control of Domain Names From Firm - August 18/00 (Globe and Mail)

Microcell Loses Domain Dispute Over - May 3/00 (National Post)

More Domain Name Hijinks - July 27/00 (National Post)

New Cutoff to Re-Register Dot-ca Internet Domains - November 1/00 (Globe and Mail)

New Dot-ca Internet Domain Names Coming on Stream - November 8/00 (Globe and Mail)

New Dot-ca World Needs an Election - October 26/00 (Globe and Mail)

Ottawa Targets Net Names Owned By 'Domain Baron' - April 10/01 (Globe and Mail)

Owners Could Lose Net Domain Names - August 25/00 (Globe and Mail)

Proposed Dot-ca Dispute Resolution Method Flawed - April 20/00 (Globe and Mail)

Questions Remain as CIRA Takes Over Dot-ca Domain - November 30/00 (National Post)

Registration Rules Changing for .ca Domain Names - June 6/00 (National Post)

Resolution Firm Accused of Conflict of Interest - National Post (March 9, 2000)

The Dot-ca Revolution - October 26/00 (Globe and Mail)

Toronto Entrepreneur Beats Loblaw in Domain Name Battle - June 15/00 (Globe and Mail)

Tour Boat Firms Collide in ICANN Domain Dispute - May 26/00 (Newsbytes)

Trademarks and Domain Names - presentation by Gary Dunn, May 1998

TSTV: The World's Unluckiest Domain Name Disputer - April 13/01 (Newbytes)

U.S. Appeal Court Gives 'Little Guy" Back His Name - National Post (August 25, 1999)

U.S. Blazes Trail in Clash of Trademarks, Domain Names - February 1/01 (Globe and Mail)

U.S. Politicians Angry As Canadians Elected to Internet Board - National Post (November 9, 1999)

Wal-mart Loses Dispute - December 7/00 (Globe and Mail)

Way Cleared to Put Dot-ca on Cybermap - August 17/00 (Globe and Mail)

What's In a Name? Domain Name Reform Holds the Key - September 26/00 (Globe and Mail)

When A Dot-Com Trumps A Dot-Ca and Other Likely Woes - September 19/00 (National Post)



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Draft Dot-ca Dispute Resolution Rules Released for Comment



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