Alberta Treasurer Moves Libel Fight to the Internet - National Post (November 27, 1999)

Email Sparks Lawsuit - Vancouver Province (October 12, 1999)

Slammed in Chat Rooms, Brokerage Files Suit - Jan. 1999 National Post article

Defamation on the Internet - 1996 paper by David Potts and Sally Harris

To Shoot the Messenger? A Canadian Approach to Libel and the On-Line Service Provider - 1997 article by Jennifer Jannuska

Former Worker's Web Site Leads to a Lawsuit - National Post article on Investors Group libel action against Web site



Baines v. Chelekis - 1998 BC libel case with an Internet component

Baines v. Chelekis - 2000 BC Court of Appeal decision

Braintech, Inc. v. Kostiuk - 1999 B.C. Court of Appeal decision with significant Internet jurisdiction discussion involving allegedly defamatory postings

Computer Avenue Inc. v. 3557830 Manitoba Ltd. - 1999 Manitoba decision granting an injunction prohibiting reference to company online and offline

Irwin Toy Ltd. v. Doe - September 2000 Ontario anonymity and ISP liability decision

Reform Party of Canada v. Western Union Insurance Company - 1999 BC decision involving libel and Internet publication

Reform Party of Canada v. Western Union Insurance Company - 2001 BCCA appellate decision overturning lower court decision



The Cyberspace Is Not A "No-Law" Land: Internet Content Liability Study - 1997 report commissioned by Industry Canada (FRANCAIS)



Cyberlibel - law firm Web site of David Potts


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