Ontario Promotes Private Crypto - August 1999 Wired article

Summary of Canada's Export Controls on Cryptographic Software - by Marc Plumb



A Cryptography Policy Framework for Electronic Commerce - Industry Canada's Task Force on Electronic Commerce's discussion paper (FRANCAIS)

A Cryptography Policy Framework for Electronic Commerce - Analysis of Submissions- September 1998 (FRANCAIS)

Canadian Bankers Association Report on Cryptography

CAIP Cryptography Position Paper

Digital Signatures and Public Key Encryption - Michael Power presentation, Nov. 1998

Email Encryption Made Simple - Ontario Privacy Commissioner Guide, August 1999

EFC's Cryptography Policy Statement

Export controls on Cryptographic Goods - DFAIT December 1998 guidance

Government of Canada Public Key Infrastructure White Paper - (FRANCAIS)

Government of Canada Digital Signature and Certificate Policy

ITAC's Comment on Cryptography Policy Framework Paper

Policy Considerations Behind Legislation Recognizing Electronic Signatures- 1998 paper by D. Bruce Ferrand for the Uniform Law Commission

Privacy Commissioner's Response to Cryptography Discussion Paper - April 1998

Supporting Electronic Government - Government PKI Infrastructure - October 1998



EFC's Cryptography Page

Government of Canada's Public Key Infrastructure Page - (FRANCAIS)

Industry Canada's Cryptography Page - (FRANCAIS)

Treasury Board of Canada Public Key Infrastructure Page - (FRANCAIS)



Industry Minister John Manley's October 1, 1998 speech outlining Canada's cryptography policy



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