Computers and the Law - S. Handa & D. Piragoff (McGill)

Copyright and Information Technology - S. Handa & D. Johnston (McGill)

Droit de Cyberespace - K. Benyekhlef et al (Univ. of Montreal)

Droit de l'Informatique - R. Cote (Univ. of Quebec at Montreal)

Droit des Inforoutes - K. Benyekhlef & P. Trudel (Univ. of Montreal)

Information Technology Law - D. Cameron (Univ. of Toronto)

Law and Technology Resource Page - T. Scassa (Dalhousie)

Law and Cyberspace - M. McNeil (Carlton Univ.)

Politics of Information - C. Bennett (Univ. of Victoria Dept. of Political Science)

Regulation of Internet Commerce - M. Geist (Ottawa)

Regulation of Internet Communication - M. Geist (Ottawa) 




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