Victoria Street and Diagonal Road
July, 2000

"It was getting dark when we came out and farmers' sleighs were heading out of town. Naomi and I caught a ride on one going out Victoria Street."
(p. 118, Lives of Girls and Women)

"I walked along the wall of the Brunswick Hotel bumping up against the brick, came out at the back of it, and walked along the Diagonal Road - first starting in the wrong direction, and having to turn around - and crossed the main street not looking either way, but it was late, there were no cars anywhere."
(p. 189, Lives of Girls and Women)

"They lived in half of a double house out on the Diagonal Road." (p. 198, Lives of Girls and Women)

"Garnet took me also to baseball games, sometimes played too soon after rain. These took place in the ev ening, in the fairgrounds out at the end of the Diagonal Road"
(p. 215, Lives of Girls and Women).

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