Alice Munro's Former Lower Town Residence
and Poultry Barns
Victoria Street and West Street
July, 2000

Alice Munro lived here from 1931 - 1949 (see also Alice Munro's Former Wingham Residence). On their nine-acre farm her father, Robert Laidlaw, initially raised silver foxes which he later replaced with poultry.

"Our house was at the end of the Flats Road, which ran west from Buckles' Store, at the edge of town." (p. 5, Lives of Girls and Women)

"I would sometimes think of our old house, its flat pale face, the cement slab outside the kitchen door, with a forlorn, faintly guilty, tender pain, as you might think of a simple old grandparent whoe entertainments you have outgrown."
(p. 68-69, Lives of Girls and Women)

"The fox-farming business was finished, because the price of pelts had fallen so low after the was. The foxes were gone, the pens were pulled down, my father was switching over to poultry." (p. 226, Lives of Girls and Women)


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