Cameron Montgomery, P.h.D, Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Ottawa


Biographical Notes

Originally from Toronto, Professor Cameron Montgomery completed his undergraduate degree in English Literature and Secondary Education at American University in Washington D.C. In 1995, he obtained a French Language Certificate from the University of Bordeaux, France while teaching English as a second language at a private language school. Upon his return to Canada, he received a doctoral scholarship from the Graduate Studies’ Foundation at Laval University where he earned master's and doctoral degrees in Educational Psychology. His doctoral thesis is on the relationship between student teachers’ stress and social problem solving.
After having completed his doctorate in 2001, he moved to Edmonton, Alberta and worked as an assistant professor at Saint Jean Campus, University of Alberta until June 2003. He has been working at the University of Ottawa since July, 2003 at the Faculty of Education with a concentration in teaching and learning.
Professor Montgomery is interested in the student teaching experience. He tries to understand how stress influences student teachers; more specifically, he tries to explain the link between stress, coping, and burnout. Funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, he completed a research project on the subject and has published numerous articles in both national and international journals. He also has done research on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He has been invited to present his research in over ten countries.

With a passion for languages, Professor Montgomery speaks English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian fluently.
Cameron Montgomery, P.h.D. HomePublications
I have listed approximately 20 publications, which are available in PDF format. Most deal with stress and social problem solving in student teachers and teachers. Others look at ADHD. Language loss and assimilation are also a part of the publication list. Please feel free to contact me regarding any of the above subjects. 
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Over the course of my career in the education field, I have presented over forty research papers concerning stress, coping, burnout, student teachers, teachers and professors. ADHD and its relationship to mood disorders (e.g. depression and anxiety) have also been the subject of investigation. Language loss and assimilation in Francophone minority environments in Canada are another aspect of interest to me. The abstracts and PowerPoint slides of various presentations I have done are available. If you encounter problems with downloading, please feel free to contact me.Find out more...
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I have taught in the Teacher Education field over the past eight years. Learning theories (Cognitive and Socioconstructivist) have been my major area of interest. I incorporate Goleman’s theory of Emotional Intelligence and my research on stress into teaching. I have also taught courses related to learning disabilities (students with special needs).

My master's level courses are related to educational psychology of childhood and adolescence, and theories of personality. Additionally, I have supervised over a hundred student teachers in Québec, Alberta, and Ontario.

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