Volume 26, March 1998/mars 1998


  1. Shana Poplack. Foreword

  2. Svitlana Budzhak-Jones, University of Ottawa. "Developing Diagnostics: Word-Internal Code-Switching Versus Borrowing"

  3. Dawn Harvie, University of Ottawa. "Null Subject in English: Wonder If it exists?"

  4. C. L. LeBlanc, Universite d'Ottawa. "Une fois n'est pas coutume: Le passť habituel en anglais"

  5. Marjory Meechan, University of Ottawa. "I guess we have Mormon language: American Eng1ish in a Canadian Setting"

  6. Sali TagIiamonte and Rachel Hudson, University of York. "Be like et al. Beyond America: The Quotadve System in Canadian and UK youth"

  7. Gerard Van Herk, University of Ottawa. "Inversion in Samani English Question Formation"

  8. James A Walker, University of Ottawa. "Rephrasing the Copula; Contracted and Zero Copula in African Nova Scotian English"