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  Mostly Mebengokre morphosyntax

Relative clauses in Mebengokre, published in Subordination in South American Languages, ed. by Rik van Gijn, Katharina Haude and Pieter Muysken. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. [2011]

Adpositions and the structure of events (in Portuguese), to appear [2011]

Reduplication and number in Mebengokre, to appear in Reduplication in Indigenous languages of South America, edited by Hein van der Voort and Gale Goodwin-Gomez, Brill Publishers [2011]

Paper on the sociative causatives of Mebengokre (in Spanish), to appear [2011]

Event nominalizations in Mebengokre and the theory of nominalizations, to appear [2011]

Short sketch of Mebengokre grammar (with Maria Amélia Reis Silva; in French) Published as an entry in Bonvini, E., J. Busuttil and A. Peyraube (eds.), Dictionnaire des langues. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France [2011]

A unified analysis of ergativity in Mebengokre (in Portuguese), published in Amérindia 32. CÉLIA/CNRS, Paris. [2009]

My doctoral dissertation on nominalizations and aspect in Mebengokre and beyond. [2007]

A poster (A0-size) on the semantics of Mebengokre nominalizations, and its corresponding paper, in Fujimori, A., and M.A. Reis Silva (eds.), published in the Proceedings of the 11th Workshop on Structure and Constituency of the Languages of the Americas, pp. 144-150. University of British Columbia Working Papers in Linguistics. [2006]

Initial truncation in Mebengokre (PostScript) (in English) Here's a pdf version that's missing a couple of PS specials. Click here to download a free PS and PDF viewer. [2004]

Case marking and agreement in Mebengokre (with Maria Amélia Reis Silva; in Spanish) [2000]

For an overview of Mebengokre and pointers to other linguistic and anthropological literature, visit this page.

Tense, aspect and modality

Imperfectivity: capturing variation across languages (with Ana Arregui and María Luisa Rivero), to appear in MITWPL [2012]

Imperfectives in Mebengokre (with Ana Arregui and María Luisa Rivero), to appear in proceedings of SULA 6 [2012]

The building blocks of aspectual interpretation, published in in Proceedings of SULA 4. Amherst, MA, USA: GLSA [2007]

South American lowlands beyond Mebengokre

Amazonian languages and Amazonian linguistics (with Patience Epps), to appear [2012]

On pseudo-applicatives (with Javier Carol), to appear [2012]

Handout on person hierarchies (reporting on joint work with Javier Carol), paper in preparation [2010]

Two examples of nominalizations in independent clauses (with Cintia Carrió, in Spanish), to appear [2009]

Predicate fronting and nominalization: two sources of ergativity (with Jessica Coon), published in Proceedings of the Penn Linguistics Colloquium [2009]

Review of A grammar of Mosetén, by J. Sakel, published in IJAL 73 (3): 374-6 [2007]

Review of The Jarawara language of Southern Amazonia, by R.M.W.Dixon, published in IJAL 73 (1): 126-8 [2007]

Historical linguistics

Third person inflection in Jê languages (in Portuguese), published in LIAMES 11 [2012]

An article disputing the existence of relational prefixes in Jê languages (in Portuguese), published in Línguas e culturas Macro-Jê, ed. by Sinval Martins Filho and Lucia Braggio. Goiânia: UFG. [2009]


Course notes on cyclic effects in Spanish phonology [2004]

Summary of nasal spreading in Mebengokre and related languages (in English) [2002]

10-page summary of my master's thesis (in Portuguese) [2001]

My master's thesis, on nasality and problems of Mebengokre morphology (in Portuguese) [2001]

Other topics

Stress and cliticization in Capeverdean (with Fernanda Pratas; RTF file) [2005]

Inversion in Spanish interrogatives (in English) [2004]

Nonintersective adjectives (in English) [2002]

I've edited, together with Valentine Hacquard, Marcelo Ferreira and Ana Castro, Romance, Op. 47: Collected papers on Romance Syntax, through the MIT Working Papers in Linguistics.