In this page you'll find basic information on lodging in Baños and Quito, and on how to travel between various points within Ecuador.

Lodging in Baños

All lodging in the urban area of Baños is within easy walking distance to the conference venue. The following map will provide you a bird's eye view of lodging in the city: Hotels in Baños on Google.

To travel between Quito and Baños

International travelers should arrive in Ecuador through the Quito airport. Baños is approximately three hours south by road from Quito, and there are various transportation options to get there.

Shared ‘VIP’ taxi

There are shared taxi services that can pick up passengers at a pre-arranged location, be it the airport or a hotel in Quito.

Prices per person vary betwee 20 and 30 dollars.

It is possible to hire the whole taxi for up to three passengers for approximately 80 dollars.

Minivans for 8 or more passengers can be reserved for approximately 150 dollars.

Below you'll find a selection of ‘VIP’ taxis that travel between Quito and Baños.

A practical way to get in touch is through Whatsapp one or two weeks before the conference.

  • DELUX Vip Transporte puerta a puerta: 0984033489, 0988913540

    80 private taxi

    25-30 per person in a shared taxi

    20 per person for a group over 8 people

  • Transfastour: 0979150960, 0995563415, 032419124

    80 private taxi

    20-25 per person in a shared taxi

    150 for a minivan for 8 to 11 people

  • Taxi VIP Loren’s Cars: 0995679776

    50 private taxi

    20-25 per person for groups

    140 group of ten

  • TUNGURAHUA TRANSPORTE VIP: 032-849-960, 0984777663

    80 private taxi

    20-30 per person for more than one person

    200 for a minivan for 10 people

Airport Taxi

It is possible to negotiate a direct taxi from the Quito airport to Baños for approximately 100 dollars, which can be divided among up to three people.


There are very economincal buses from Quito to Baños (approximately 5 dollars) departing from the Quitumbe road terminal, in the south of the city. A taxi to Quitumbe from the airport could cost approximately 30 dollars, and from elsewhere in the city between 10 and 15 dollars. Alternatively, during the daytime and without much luggage, it is possible to travel to the terminal using public transportation. The southward Trolebus line terminates at Quitumbe. Buses to Baños leave almost every hour, and are operated by Transportes Baños, Expresos Baños, and San Francisco.

Conference bus from Quito to Baños on Sunday, May 27

If there is sufficient interest, the conference organizers may hire a bus to get to Baños on the morning of the 27th. To sign up for this, please contact .

Lodging in Quito

The Summer School will take place at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Cumbaya campus, whose address is Diego de Robles y Vía Interoceánica, Quito 170157, in a valley to the east of downtown Quito.

As there are not many options for lodging in Cumbayá, we recommend staying in Quito, and we are going to arrange affordable collective transport from the Historic Center of Quito, nearby to the La Ronda neighborhood where there are many cafés and restaurants. The transport will leave from Plaza Santo Domingo in the mornings.

Lodging in the Historic Center

There are many hotels and hostels in the area which can be found online, but here we will give a few suggestions. It is possible to find nearby options in all price ranges. One nice hostel which has both private rooms and shared bunkrooms, near the western entrance of La Ronda, is Hostal Masaya; it would be convenient if many participants stayed together there. If there is no space at Hostal Masaya, another good and cheap but very simple option is La Posada Colonial, near the eastern entrance to La Ronda. Another option could be Hotel La Ronda, in the middle of the Ronda neighborhood. Also close by, about five minutes by foot, in the beautiful neighborhood of San Marcos, another good option is Friends Hostel. For a hotel that is a little more expensive, with nice rooms and a great location on the Santo Domingo Plaza, a block from La Ronda, is the Hotel Real Audiencia.

Transport to Universidad San Francisco de Quito

If you register for the courses, you will receive emails with information about transportation a few weeks before the conference. You can sign up for collective transport that will leave from Plaza Santo Domingo in the Centro. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the University. It would also be possible to stay in another part of the of the city and arrive at Universidad San Francisco de Quito in public transport. For this option, take a bus or taxi to one of these two stops, and get on a bus with the end destination Cumbayá, or one that passes through Cumbayá. Taxi drivers will know these stops.

  • Option 1: Bus stop for Cumbayá in the Floresta neighborhood, across from the Concentración Deportiva de Pichincha.
  • Option 2: Bus terminal Terminal Terrestre Rio Coca, in the north of the city, at the intersection Rio Coca and De los Laureles.

A direct taxi from Quito to Cumbayá is another option, but this costs between 10 and 15 dollars. For any additional information about logistics in Quito, write to Simeon Floyd, member of the local committee, who can provide information about the city:

For those that still prefer to be close to the University, the following hotels are relatively close:

Other lodging options exist in the surroundings of the University (pensions, “bed and breakfast”); the following map gives a bird's eye view: Hotels close to USFQ on Google.

Practical information

For general tourist information about Ecuador, the following pages can be consulted:

Activities in Baños

The city of Baños de Agua Santa offers many attractions for visitors. Online sources and guidebooks give more complete information, but here is a brief overview:

  • Hot springs

    The hot springs from which Baños gets its name are located in various areas around the city. Close to the waterfall one finds the Piscinas de la Virgen; it is recommended that visitors go to the remodeled sector. The El Salado pools are approximately one kilometer from the city, on a creek that can be used for cold baths; it opens early, and it is traditional to visit it at 5am. Leaving town in the direction of Puyo one finds the Santa Ana spa, in a natural setting, open only on weekends. We advise checking the schedules before visiting. Most spas require swimming caps.

  • Natural areas

    The outskirts of Baños are surrounded by waterfalls and natural areas. Famous among the waterfalls is Pailón del Diablo. It is possible to visit the famous swing at the Casa del Árbol. There are many travel agents in Baños that can organize activities such as biking and rafting. Going towards Puyo, it is possible to visit the area of Alta Amazonas, and going towards the mountains it is possible to visit the snow-capped Andean peaks such as Chimborazo (6200m) and Cotopaxi (5900m).

  • Spas and massage

    There are several small spas in downtown Baños where one can get massage treatment for a good price. In the highly recommended Huellas Naturales spa on Martínez street, one can get a half-hour massage for 15 dollars. Several other spas exist in the same area.

  • Restaurants

    Baños has a wide selection of restaurants, cafés and bars. Among the better-known are Café Bla Bla, Café Hood, Casa Hood, Café Good, Carpe Diem di Verdi, Café Mariane, many of them with varied vegetarian options. Other restaurants can be found online or by asking locals.