LIN 3328 syllabus and course materials.


Welcome to LIN 3328

The course is an introduction to morphology and morphological theory.

The course is strongly geared towards the analysis of morphological problems, and no theoretical readings are required. If you would like a good reference, however, I suggest getting a copy of Haspelmath and Sims' Understanding Morhology, of which I've also put a copy on reserve in the library. Below you will find the chapter indications corresponding to each of the topics touched in the course.

Grading in this course is based on six assignments (70%) and a final take-home exam (30%).

Tentative due dates for assignments are: September 20th, October 4th, October 19th, November 8th, November 22nd, December 5th. The take-home final exam is due at the end of the exam period.

The teaching assistant for this course is Justin Case. He has office hours on Wednesdays from 12 to 1pm at the Adlinga office (MHN 421). An unofficial DGD will be scheduled later in the term.

Course plan

Week of September 10th • Principles of morphological analysis • H&S ch. 1,2

Week of September 17th • Overview of morphological processes • H&S ch. 3

Week of September 24th • Models for morphological analysis • H&S ch. 3,4

Week of October 1st • Inflection and derivation • H&S ch. 5

Week of October 8th (no class on Monday) • Morphology and syntax: introduction • H&S ch. 7

Week of October 15th • Morphology and syntax: compounds and derivation

Week of October 29th • Morphology and syntax: inflectional paradigms • H&S ch. 8

Week of November 5th • Wordhood and clitics • H&S ch. 9

Week of November 12th • Morphology and phonology • H&S ch. 10

Week of November 19th • Further interactions between morphology and syntax • H&S ch. 11

Week of November 26th • Productivity and frequency effects • H&S ch. 6,12

Week of December 3rd • Some loose ends

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