Ana Arregui

Assistant Professor

Linguistics Department

University of Ottawa

Publications and manuscripts


(submitted).    Examining domain-widening and NPI ‘any’  (draft)

(submitted).    Building involuntary states in Slavic. V. Demonte and L. McNally (eds.) Telicity and change of state in natural language, Oxford University Press. (With María Luisa Rivero) (draft)

(accepted).     Anatomy of a Polish circumstantial modal. Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 18 2009: the Cornell meeting), Michigan Slavic Publications, Ann Arbor, MI. (With María  Luisa Rivero & Ewelina Frackowiak) (draft)


(in press).    Counterfactual-style revision in the semantics of deontic modals. Journal of Semantics (draft)

(in press).    Variation in circumstantial modality. Linguistic Inquire (squib) (With María Luisa Rivero & Ewelina Frackowiak) (draft)

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(2005). On the accessibility of possible worlds: the role of tense and aspect. PhD dissertation. University of Massachusetts, Amherst. (text)

Older manuscripts

(2005). Layering modalities: the case of backtracking conditionals. (ms.)

Other work

(2003). A study of the semantic predictions of quantificational NPs. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Occasional Papers 27: On semantic processing. (ed. Alonso-Ovalle), GLSA Publications, 27-52.

(2001) with Lisa Matthewson.  A cross-linguistic perspective on the expression of manner. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 11 (eds. Hasting, Jackson & Zvolensky), Ithaca, CLC Publications.

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(1998) with Kiyomi Kusumoto. Tense in temporal adjunct clauses. Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory 8 (eds. Strolovitch & Lawson). Ithaca, CLC Publications.

I am an assistant professor at the Linguistics Department at the University of Ottawa, specializing in semantics. My research interests include modality, tense, aspect, counterfactuals, modal pronouns, and NPIs. I am also very interested in psycholinguistics, in particular in relation to the processing of meaning. My work in psycholinguistics has focused on VP ellipsis and quantifiers.